5 Awesome Benefits of a Photo Booth Hire for Events

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In general, photo booths are pretty popular as an entertainment option for people hosting events such as weddings, birthdays and many more. As a matter of fact, seeing a photo booth hired on such occasions is a pretty common occurrence in many parts of the UK.

This leaves one to wonder. Why do so many people choose this form of entertainment? What are the benefits of an event photo booth hire? What does it offer? And to answer these questions, let’s take a look at what makes this event entertainment option enjoyable and memorable.

1. It Is More Affordable Than Other Entertainment Options

There’s no denying that opting for live bands and cocktail stalls can really wrack up the cost of entertainment for your event since they are pretty expensive. For this reason, most people tend to choose a photo booth hire instead, as it’s a lot cheaper than other entertainment options. So if you’re looking for a means to entertain guests during your event, it would be wise to opt for photo booths that don’t require that much money to set up.

2. It Makes for Ideal Favours and Giveaways for Your Event

It’s been a tradition to prepare favours that guests can take home to serve as memorabilia for the event. With that said, having a photo booth hire can eliminate the need to shell out money on such giveaways, as the photos and pictures it yields make for ideal favours that guests can remember the occasion by. Moreover, you can customise the layout of the images, which can be pretty helpful in adding a personal touch to them.

3. It Perfectly Captures and Memorialises Special Moments

Indeed, you can hire photographers to quickly and easily capture unforgettable moments during the event. However, photo booths allow you to take a peek at the perspective of your guests. It also gives them more freedom to memorialise moments by choosing who to take photos with, unlike stolen images that photographers capture.

4. It Offers Unconventional Photos That Are More Memorable

Traditional event photos only feature guests smiling and posing for pictures. And though these are useful in remembering the celebration, they aren’t just as fun as a photo booth hire that allows guests to take wacky and eccentric pictures with the people they love. Moreover, this particular entertainment option promotes creativity, as your guests can be anyone or anything, making it a lot more unforgettable.

5. It Prevents Risk of Pressuring Guests in Having Their Photos Taken

Let’s face it. Sometimes, there are guests who are not that comfortable with people taking their photos, which is why some feel uncomfortable when a photographer asks them to strike a pose for a picture. With an event photo booth hire, shy guests won’t feel pressured into being photographed. They have the freedom to choose whether they want to line up to have their picture taken or not.


Given all these benefits, it’s pretty clear why there are so many people choosing a photo booth hire instead of other entertainment options. Aside from the fact that it’s a lot cheaper than hiring professional entertainers, it also comes with other perks that can make your event a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

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