Terms and conditions
By making a booking, paying the deposit, making full payment, or by returning the booking
form, you agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions;
‘We’ and ‘us’ refers to Funz Photo booth ‘You’, ‘client’, or ‘organiser’ refers to the clients
making the booking.
Coverage Period
Funz Photo Booth Hire agrees to provide active photo booth operation for a minimum of 90% of
your hire period. The operation may need to
be stopped temporarily for maintenance of the
photo booth, including changing the print media.
A deposit of £50 is required at the time of reservation, unless otherwise agreed. This is a non
refundable down payment. Your reservation may not be confirmed u
ntil a deposit is received.
Full payment is due 1 weeks prior to your event, unless otherwise agreed.
If booked within 7 days, a non
refunded full payment must be made within 48 hours of booking.
Set Up
Organisers must provide an appropriate place for
the photo booth to be set up. As well as a
mains power supply within 3 meters.
Funz Photo Booth Hire will arrive at the venue at least 1 hours prior to your hire period starting,
and must have access to the set up area to assemble the booth.
We understand that your circumstance can change, but we would ask as much notice as
possible in the result that you need to cancel your booking. The £50 booking deposits are non refundable in all cases.
Cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing.
In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a booking, an entire refund of paid balances will be
provided. Funz Photo Booth will not be liable for compensation or damages beyond your
Damage to Photo Booths and Equipment
You accept any liability for damage caused to Funz Photo Booth Equipment caused by abuse or
irresponsible behavior.
You understand and agree to them:
1. You will indemnify Funz Photo Booth against any and all liability related to your event
2. You will indemnify Funz Photo Booth against any liability connected with the use of images taken
within the Photo Booth, whether they be for publication or other media.
3. Picture Messaging, Guests, Books, Props Box, and other additions on top of the basic photo boothare
provided free, and if thus not available or working, Funz Photo booth is not liable for any refunds or
4. If the pictures are lost, or become corrupt, compensation of up to a maximum of £50 may be
Funz Phoot Booth will supply a copy of its insurance should the venue request one.
The client agrees that in all circumstances, Funz Photo Booth liability to an amount equal to the
booking cost and not be liable for indirect or consequential damages.
By submitting the Funz Photo Booth booking form the hirer acknowledges and
agrees to the Terms and Conditions.