7 Children Party Themes Your Kids Will Surely Love

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As children grow older, they look forward to more epic birthday parties where they can bond with their friends. Parents may see this as a stressful time, especially if they are pressured to make their kids feel loved and happy.

If you are a parent and are at a loss for fun children’s party themes, here are some tried-and-tested ideas you should consider.

1. Unicorn

The unicorn party theme is a perennial favourite for kids. Kids love their elegant and majestic look, their sparkly personality, and how they shoot their sweet rainbow beams.

Your kids will have a fun time arranging a birthday party where they and their friends can engage in unicorn-themed games and activities.

You can choose from several options, including face painting and unicorn-themed crafts. You can prepare a unicorn-themed cake, cupcakes and ice cream if you have enough time.

Alternatively, you can hire a unicorn ride at the venue, which will be the perfect addition to the unicorn-themed party.

2. Disney

Having a Disney themed birthday party takes your child’s imagination to the next level. It is a party theme that both boys and girls can enjoy.

Disney princesses, superheroes and other animated characters have become well-loved childhood icons. Hiring a Disney character (or more) will put a smile on your kids’ faces. They can have fun posing with the character and taking photos.

3. Animal Safari

If your child is into animals, this is a party theme that will be special for them.

You can prepare a safari-themed table and serve animal-themed foods. You can also decorate the venue with safari animals and other jungle-themed decor. If you can hire a petting zoo or hire animals to be part of the birthday party, your child and their friends will love it even more.

4. Gaming

Kids love to play games, and adding them to a birthday party will make it more exciting.

You can let your child choose their favourite game and make all the food, decor, and costumes revolve around the game. You can look for a venue that offers games or let them play their own video game by renting video game consoles and a TV set up in a separate area at the venue.

5. Under the Sea

If your child loves swimming and scuba diving, this is an ideal party theme where they can show their love for the sea.

You can have a whole table dedicated to fish and sea creatures. You can make the food, the decorations, and the games have a marine-themed feel. You can have a cake decorated with your child’s favourite sea creature, or your child’s friends can decorate it as an activity. Lastly, you can hire a photo booth rental with an underwater theme for beautiful pictures.

6. Circus

Circus themes will have your kids and their friends in awe.

You can make the kids feel more special by hiring a clown or a magician to perform for them. You can also have a mini circus set up on the birthday table.

You can also set up a fun area where you can have roll the ball, bean bag toss and other games that revolve around a circus theme.

7. Movie Night

If your child and her friends love cuddling up in bed and watching movies, it is a good idea to have a movie-themed birthday party.

You can have a movie-themed birthday cake and other treats at the venue. You can also organise a themed movie night where some of your child’s favourite kid’s movies are screened. If you have a projector, you can even further recreate a movie theatre at the venue.

Final Thoughts

Having a birthday party for your child is an essential part of their development. If your child has a hard time imagining what they want their birthday party to look like, you can use the abovementioned ideas to give them a reference point.

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