A List of Exciting Photo Booth Ideas for Any Celebration

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There is no doubt that people love taking photos. Now, what more if it is the photo booth? You know that this photo booth can be the heart of the party. Here are some of the awesome photo booth ideas for any kind of celebration. Have some!

Be a Superhero

You can have the photo booth take a superhero theme. You just have to gather the people at the party and have them wear branded shirts and capes. You can also have some items that have the superhero logo. These things will make the photo booth bright, colourful, and more fun and exciting for your guests!

Class Photo

It is a great and unique idea to have a picture of your colleagues in the photo booth. They can wear uniforms and even clothes that have the school colours. This idea can be great for your class reunion, for example.

Baby Fun Photo

If you want to have a memorable photo booth idea, you can have a photo strip that features your baby. You can dress your baby up with cute clothes and props. This is an excellent way to record your baby’s expression.

Video Booth

If you have a video booth, you can have the guests upload their videos afterwards for everyone to view them. You can have the video booth have a theme like a beach or a garden party. This can be a good idea if you want to see the guests go crazy on the dance floor after a few drinks.

The Suit and Tie

This is a fun idea for your corporate celebrations. You can have the photo strip feature your employees wearing their suits and ties. You can encourage them to have some tuxedo pictures of themselves to keep for a long time.

Baby Fashionista

This is a good idea if you want to have your baby’s first birthday celebrated. You can have your baby wear a cute outfit and encourage guests to wear something similar.

Helium Balloon

Just like the balloons at your party, this idea can create a cute and fun photo booth strip. You can have your photo booth feature balloons in different colours and sizes and fun decorations. This is an excellent photo booth idea for a birthday party or a fun gathering.

Photo for the Kids

If you want to include kids in the photo booth, you can have some props and fun items for them to choose from. Encourage them to wear cute clothes and accessories that you have prepared. This is a great idea for any kind of party!

Kissing Booth

The kissing booth is another idea that is popular for photo booths. You can even prepare some lips and heart-shaped props or backgrounds. This will surely make your guests entertained and encouraged to use the photo booth.


Having a photo booth instantly adds fun to your celebration. You can always get an idea that suits the theme of your party. 

You can also create a photo strip that features the title of the celebration. This can be an excellent way for you to cherish the moments of the get-together. Lastly, remember to encourage your guests to have fun while in the photo booth.

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