Benefits of Having a Photo Booth Alongside a Photographer

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It’s great to have a professional photographer in your event as they will capture all the special moments at your party. But, you shouldn’t settle with just a photographer; you should also consider having a photobooth. 

Having a photographer doesn’t mean that you should disregard the photobooth addition. It will give extra fun and life to the party, so you should definitely consider having one. 

Here are other benefits you and your guests can experience once you decide to have a photo booth at your event:

Your Guests Will Have Their Own Fun and Silly Moments

For sure, you’ve experienced getting in line at the photo booth area of a party. You’re doing that because you want to have a souvenir and create fun and silly moments with your friends, partner or family. If you have a photo booth at your own party, you’ll also give your guests that opportunity. 

Sure, your photographer can capture your guests’ impromptu and candid moments, but it’s different when your guests create their own moment inside the booth, especially if they are with the people they want to be with. A photo booth will be more fun because your guests can also play around with their looks using various props and wigs, which they cannot do if a professional photographer is the one who will capture. 

Your Guests Will Have a Physical Remembrance from Your Party

While your guests can post their photos and selfies from your party on their social media, it will still be different if they can have a physical print that they can display in their homes. One of the good things about a photo booth is that printed photos are available right away. Your guests don’t have to wait longer just to have their remembrance because printing can be done within 10 seconds. It will be a wonderful souvenir and keepsake from your event, which your guests will surely appreciate. 

Having a Photo Booth Adds an Entertainment Value to Your Party

Let’s admit it, your photographer will mainly focus on you, or whoever it is that is the star of the party. Your guests will not have the freedom to call the photographer and ask them to take numerous photos for them. However, with a photo booth, they can freely have their photos taken as much as they want to and have fun while doing it because of the fun props. This will also save them from getting bored at your party. 

You Can Have Memories to Treasure

Being the star of the party means not being able to see all the fun and laughter that your guests are doing. But, with a photo booth, you can have copies of the silly moments that your friends and families have had during your party, which will make you smile and laugh because of their cute props and silly faces. Knowing that your guests had the best time during your party will be a great memory to treasure.


While having a photographer is a great choice, make sure not to forget to have a photo booth because it will add fun and entertainment to your event. Remember, the photographer will mainly take pictures of the host of the party. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the great moments that you don’t get to see throughout the event, hire a photo booth, too!

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