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It’s never been more important for the in-person employee experience to be memorable than these days. Companies need to be able to step it up as people come back. There are plenty of ways for corporate event entertainment to take off so that an enjoyable time can be had by all.

Here are some creative ideas that can help everyone to have a fun time:

Get Into AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

We’ve all seen how wildly successful Pokemon Go was. People love bringing fantasy into their real world! Take inspiration from the concept! Using AR for a scavenger hunt for various items at a corporate event adds a thrill and engagement that you won’t get just by having people sit throughout. Crafting custom AR apps will help you create engaging experiences to bring your events to life. 

Virtual reality is a great way to completely immerse guests. You can even use virtual reality for training sessions. For example, you can use virtual reality to let attendees have a “hands-on” training session. Even law enforcement agencies use virtual reality at a training session, as officers can experience situations before they enter the field.

Have A Photobooth

Everyone loves selfies and whipping out their phones when there’s something to document. But when you’re already having so much fun and there’s a drink in your hand, would you still go through the hassle of fishing your phone out of a pocket or bag then trying to find good lighting and whatnot? A photobooth helps everyone get a keepsake from the events and allows them to worry less about their phones, being more present in the moment. 

Hire A Live Band

Traditionally, big names in entertainment, such as world-famous musicians and movie stars, are hired for corporate events to bring in crowds. However, for a less expensive yet still exciting alternative, consider local musicians or even attendees. A 2017 Plexus BELIEVE Convention featured a world-famous singer but succeeded with an unknown performer.

It is important to remember that a band doesn’t have to be famous in order to create a experience that no one will soon forget. Bands like Fall Out Boy have helped to grow the corporate experience, but local bands and even the staff members themselves can be used in place of a band.

Make Sure There’s A Theme

Having a theme in place will help get things straightened out. An overreaching theme will help to influence other factors that can make the party cohesive. Depending on the general vibe of the people in the office, this can truly be anything. Consider the likes of:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Musicals
  • Popular movies
  • Popular TV shows
  • Seasons

Set Up A Puppy Play Area

Who doesn’t love puppies? Aside from adding an adorable, chill aspect to the party, it’s also a great way to provide stress relief. Many companies are already getting into puppy playpens for exactly those reasons. Contact your local shelter to get some leads; maybe your party could even lead to puppy adoptions!


Corporate events are really important as people come back to in-person workspaces. It’s important for the employee experience to be elevated so that the transition back to “normal” goes smoothly. Creative ideas for a successful event include making sure there’s a theme in place, hiring a live band and having a photobooth.

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