Fun and Pretty Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas for Your Wedding

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Are you looking for ways to make your wedding more fun and memorable? You should definitely get a wedding photo booth!

Although hiring a photographer to capture the beautiful moments on your special day is essential, these photographers will only be focused on your wedding and the things happening on the dance floor.

A photo booth can engage your guests and capture the fun behind the scenes. Your guests have a chance to capture pictures they can take home and share on social media to commemorate your special day.

These photo booths can also match the theme of your wedding, whether you’re going for rustic, chic, or Bohemian vibes. If you do decide to get a wedding photo booth rental, there are various backdrops and prop ideas you can choose from, including:

Minimalist Grey

A minimalist grey backdrop is essentially a blank canvas. This helps highlight the outfits and makeup of your wedding guests. You can perk it up with whatever props you want to add.

Classic Florals

Floral photo booths are classic because they are sophisticated, colourful, and romantic backdrops that fit most wedding themes. These are popular choices for weddings in a garden or beach venue.

Earthy Green Walls

Earthy green walls are suitable for a rustic, nature, or boho-inspired wedding. They are also perfect for a venue in the woods or near a garden. Props such as wood slices, flowers, and flowers will fit the theme. The lush greens and ferns make the perfect ethereal backdrop for your special day.

Quirky Minivan Photo Booths

Quirky minivan photo booths are one of the best ways to immortalise your retro, road trip, car, or camper-themed day. You can have your guests take photos in the cosy interior or the funky exterior of a retro-themed minivan. 

Fancy Glitters

If you are looking for a wedding photo booth backdrop that will dazzle your guests, there are glitter backdrops that will add that extra glitter to your special day. 

Glitter backdrops are both classy and striking. These are perfect if you are having an extravaganza or over-the-top wedding. 

Romantic Kissing Booths

Kissing booths are a great way to add some entertainment to your reception. This brings back the fun, high school days and is a fun activity for your single guests. This may just bring them a step closer to finding their perfect match!

Polaroid Frames with Your Names

You can have the photos printed as polaroid photos with your name as a couple and date in the lower right corner of the frame. This is a great way to reminisce about the event in a classic, retro way.

Funny Cut-Outs

Funny cut out props is another excellent way to get some entertainment and fun out of your wedding day. If you know your guests well and they can take a joke, you can make some funny cut-outs with funny messages, signages, sunglasses, moustaches, etc., as props to your photo booth.

Attractive Neon Signs

Neon signs are a popular choice for many people because they are bright, colourful, and festive. You can customise these attractive signs into your names, a memorable phrase, or your favourite song lyrics.


The idea of having a photo booth at your wedding is not just to have some pictures you can take home but also to have fun with your guests and make some beautiful memories.

These are just some of the many types of wedding photo booth ideas that you can choose from.

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