Fun DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas for Your Wedding

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A photo booth is an exciting way for your guests to capture wonderful memories of your wedding. Whether it’s a vintage photo booth or a modern one, every photo booth will ensure your guests have fun.

With that said, backdrops are part and parcel of any photo booth. They make the experience more unique and enjoyable, so it’s best if you consider how to DIY one if your photo booth doesn’t come with a backdrop.

Here are some ideas that depend on the type of wedding you want to have.

Indoor Weddings

If your wedding is indoors and you want to create the best wedding photo booth, you will have an easier time playing with different materials. Have a Polaroid frame that your guests can use to pose within your digital photo booth.

You can make a decorated sitting area where your guests can take pictures to further make that fun and festive atmosphere. You can also decorate your photo booth with fun fabrics and curtains. 

Do not be afraid to use some colour. Moreover, installing lights that complement the space accentuates the beauty of the wedding photo booth you created. Since this is done indoors, whatever materials you use will have a better chance of holding up to the elements.

Outdoor Wedding

If you plan to make the best wedding photo booth, you must try to recreate an outdoor wedding setting. Floral walls are fresh and fun, giving you a spring feeling. You could try displaying real or faux flowers.

If you want flowers but find floral walls too intense, you can opt for floral arches instead. You can create a simple arch with flowers, including a curtain or two. This will make the atmosphere feel dreamy and wonderful.

But if you want to go another route, you can use your surroundings. Do not let the industrial doors and brick walls go to waste. If your venue has unique textures, use it to have the best party photo booth!

Beach Wedding

If you are holding a beach wedding, do not worry. There are plenty of ways for you to have a fabulous wedding photo booth. Use all the seashells in your surroundings to best embody the theme.

A seashell-inspired wedding photo booth should include a frame or a backdrop decorated with seashells of different varieties and sizes. You can also make garlands out of it, so your guests can wear them when they pose for photos.

Create canopy sitting areas where your guests can rest, hang around, and pose for photos to capture the beachy, summery vibe perfectly. They give a feeling of serenity and calmness, and your guests will appreciate them for sure.

Other Reminders

Before going all-out in creating your ideal wedding photo booth, remember to set a budget. You should not sacrifice your funds in creating a photo booth. You can still make a fun photo booth even if you use inexpensive materials.

No photo booth is complete without props. Match your props according to your theme. If you want your guests to have fun with your photo booth, do not be afraid to go all-out in creating or bringing your props.

Since the purpose of an event photo booth is to create the best photos your guests can share online, you need good lighting. While natural lighting is the best, you can still use light fixtures to elevate your lighting. You can also use layered and accent lights to give different effects in your photos.


Now that you know how to create the best wedding photo booth, do not forget to include it in your wedding’s budget. Also, consider the things listed here to make the best photo booth your guests will ever use.

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