Fun Ways to Incorporate a Photo Booth in Your Wedding Reception

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Photos have always been a part of every special occasion – especially weddings. But gone are the days when you’d have to wait for the photographer to get to each table to have photos of your loved ones. Now, all your guests can have a fun time getting their pictures taken in the wedding photo booth! 

Photo booths are actually an excellent addition to any wedding celebration. Not only can it provide entertainment to your guests but also a way to give them their own unique keepsake. 

If you’re unsure how you’re going to incorporate a photo booth into your wedding, don’t worry. Funz PhotoBooth has some great ideas for you:

Find the Best Spot for It

Location is very important if you want your photo booth to be a hit at your wedding. It should be placed in a spot where it can be seen by all of your guests. Speak to your wedding planner or the reception venue owner to see if they have some ideas about where it would work well. You can have it near the stage where the entertainment would be or even close to the entrance so your guests can have their photos taken either on their way in or before they leave the reception. 

Let Everybody Know About It

You should make sure everyone in your wedding knows that there’s a photo booth ready for them to use. Have the host of the entertainment or the DJ announce it once in a while so guests would be reminded. You can also have a big and fun sign pointing towards the booth so it won’t be missed. 

Make Sure It’s a Perfect Wedding-Themed Booth

One of the reasons photo booths are so fun is that they come with silly props and accessories that the guests can use. Consider having some bridal headpiece and veil, a bouquet, some balloons, and other fun wedding-themed props for them to use. You Can also have the classics – wigs, glasses, hats, and signs saying “I’m at Mr. and Mrs. ___ wedding!”

Make It a Part of Your Wedding Favors

Don’t stop at just giving the guests their photos from the booth. Take it up a notch by having a table with picture frames and DIY decors that crafty guests can use to make their favors even more special. 

Make a Contest of It

Now, if you want to be really different from all the other weddings with a photo booth, you can ignite the competitive spirit of your guests by holding a fun contest. Whoever has the best shots from the photo booth gets to take home a special prize from the newlyweds. You can even flash the photos of the “finalists” on your big screen to make it even more fun!

Don’t Forget Safety Protocols

Considering the current time we live in, you must make sure that every guest in your wedding also sanitizes their hands or washes them with soap and water before and after using the photo booth. 


A Wedding photo booth is indeed going to add an extra fun element to your big day. Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared above will give you an idea of how you’d use a photo booth at your wedding reception. Of course, you can always consult with a trusted photo booth rental company to see if they have other unique ideas that they can share with you. 

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