Hiring a Photo Booth Company: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Events can sometimes have dull moments. For instance, an awkward period is likely to occur when transitioning from the end of the wedding ceremony to the start of the reception. Since guests can get bored, having an impromptu photoshoot with an event photo booth rental is a good idea. Even camera-shy people can have fun while bonding together with friends and family!

While hiring a photo booth can elevate the guest experience, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get what you paid for. This is because not all photo booth companies are the same. To get the most value out of it, here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a rental company:

Mistake #1: Settling for the Cheapest Option

Rental companies with attractive rates are often too good to be true. The cheapest option is rarely the best one. Remember that extremely low prices serve as a red flag because these photo booth rental companies are likely already desperate for clients. Instead of risking losing your deposit just to save a few pounds, take your time to shop around and compare different rates.

Mistake #2: Hiring a Non-specialist Photo Booth Company

Many photographers, DJs, and other party service providers offer a photo booth as part of their package. While they are cheaper, they usually don’t have the expertise and problem-solving abilities required to ensure top-notch services and address technical problems. As a result, the guest experience can get affected. To make sure everyone brings home photos they love, book a specialist company.

Mistake #3: Hiring a Part-Time Business

Buying a photo booth is easy. This is why many people interested in earning extra money choose to build a photo booth rental company and run their business only during weekends. While it’s a great way to supplement their full-time income, it’s often bad news for you. 

Since operating a photo booth company is not their main job, you are likely not your priority. The photo booth booking is just extra income for them. For this reason, you may have to wait for ages to get a reply during the enquiry or booking stage.

Mistake #4: Hiring an Uninsured Company

Unexpected circumstances can happen during events. For instance, guests can get hurt while using the photo booth. While this rarely occurs, hiring a photo booth rental provider with insurance to back them is important for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. 

Mistake #5: Hiring a Company That Is Not Accredited

Another serious mistake is hiring a rental company that is not accredited. Ensure that the photo booth service provider you hire is genuine and avoid falling prey to scams by looking for an accredited company. 

Having accreditation means they meet or exceed the minimum quality standards. To ensure they are accredited, research the company and check their online gallery of events. Most reputable companies showcase their work. If they are unable to show event photos, then it’s best to find another provider.


Entertainment is an important event aspect that is often overlooked. To beat boredom and turn dull moments into exciting times, add a photo booth to your event. Doing this allows you and your guests to have some of your best memories captured through photos. Just make sure to avoid these common mistakes to ensure everyone has a good time throughout your event.

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