How to Set Up the Perfect Photo Booth for Your Party

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A party will never have the same amount of fun without a photo booth. It’s one of the things that your guests always look forward to, aside from the food and activities. That’s why you should not disappoint them and instead give them the best photo booth experience so that your party will be much more memorable for them. 

If you need help with having the perfect photo booth for your party, this article is for you. Here, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can make your photo booth perfect for your guests to enjoy. 

Tip #1: Include Different Kind of Props

A photo booth will not be complete without the props. That’s what makes it more fun, so you should include different fun items inside. You should offer your guests a wide array of them to help level up their poses. 

Try to have some sassy, silly, and unexpected props, like a moustache, boa, masks, giant sunglasses, wings, and more. If you have these, your guests will truly enjoy your photo booth because they can experiment with how their photos will turn out. 

Tip #2: Set Up Good Lighting

Another tip to have the perfect photo booth for your party is to set up good lighting. We all know how lighting can make a difference in photos. If you will place your photo booth in an indoor venue or an enclosed booth, make sure to use flash lighting to illuminate the image area. 

Meanwhile, if your booth is located outside or is an open-air booth, you can take advantage of the sun or shade and just put extra lights when there are shadows. As much as possible, consider the lighting and the location of your booth to achieve the perfect setup. 

Tip #3: Think About the Backdrop Carefully

The backdrop is also a crucial factor for your photo booth to be perfect, so you should think about it carefully. One good tip that we can share with you is to choose a solid colour if you have an enclosed booth. 

But if you have an open booth, opt to have gold and silver backdrops or a brick wall because they work well in a similar setup. Remember, the background will make a huge difference, so make sure to choose the one that can place the focus on the subject. 

Tip #4: Customise Your Photos to Match Your Event

Having the perfect photo booth is all about getting creative. The good thing about photo booths is that they are customisable. You can get creative with colours and even personalise photo borders. Just make sure to match the theme of your event so that you can achieve that unforgettable photo booth. 

Tip #5: Hire a Professional Photo Booth Company

To have that ideal photo booth you want for your party, the best thing you can do is hire a professional photo booth company like Funz PhotoBooth. This way, you can have the best props, lighting, and backdrop for your photo booth because they can provide you with the best equipment and design. 


All event organisers would want a perfect party. If you’re a party organiser yourself, don’t forget about the photo booth. You can make yours perfect by following the tips we mentioned above. But, the greatest thing you can do to guarantee that you will have the ideal setup for your party is to hire a professional photo booth company. They are suppliers that can help you choose the best and right photo booth for your event, so working with one is definitely a worthy investment. 

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