7 Indoor Party Games for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

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If you’re a parent, then you understand that you’ll go above and beyond just to keep your child happy. One of the easiest ways to do this is by throwing them a birthday party that they won’t forget for a long time. It might seem like a difficult feat, but it’s pretty simple and easy to do.

There’s always delicious food, but a birthday party won’t be complete without fun things to do. With any of these ideas for your child’s birthday party, you’ll be able to keep everyone entertained with some simple games.

This article lists down some games that you can hold indoors for your child’s birthday party. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Bingo 

If you think adults or the elderly are only the ones who play Bingo, you’re wrong because it’s also an excellent game for children of all ages. The great thing about children’s bingo is that you can find themed bingo cards to match your child’s party. For markers, you can use candy to entice the children into playing. For the winning prize, choose one that’s based on the theme of your child’s party.

#2 – Hide and Seek

One of the best things about games like these is that they keep the kids busy while you’re preparing the party. If you’ve got a big house, then you might want to use a couple of rooms and find somewhere to hide that isn’t in plain sight.

You can also make this game even more detailed by giving each kid a number and having them count down on their fingers. Once they get back to zero, they can start looking for you.

#3 – Pin the Tail on the Unicorn

If you’re having a unicorn birthday party, then this game is a must! Nothing says unicorns like a pin the tail on the unicorn game.

All you need is a picture of a unicorn and a few tails. Then, you can hang the tails in different spots in your house and tell the kids where they can find them.

#4 – Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This is another classic game that is great for any party. With it, you just have to find a picture of a donkey and pin it to the wall. Then, everyone tries to pin the tail on the donkey, just like in the pin the tail on the unicorn game.

#5 – Piñata

A pinata is always a great option at a party, especially if your kids are a bit older. They’re fun because everyone walks around and tries to get the candy and everyone has fun.

You can get a pinata for pretty cheap or make it yourself. Just make sure you have plenty of candy on hand to fill it. You want to be left with nothing and have to go to the store.

#6 – Musical Chairs

This is a favourite among party games. Just get a few chairs, and then have everyone dance to music.

When the music stops, everyone has to run to a chair and sit on it. Then, the music starts back up again, and everyone has to switch chairs. You can even give the kids several rounds that they have to go through before the winner is chosen.

#7 – Ring Toss

A ring toss game is one of the more traditional games. Just put up a bunch of bottles, cans, or anything else, and then have the kids try to toss the ring on them.


A birthday party should be lively, which is why you should have games. Your child will thank you for throwing a birthday party full of fun games for them, and they will remember it for the years to come.

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