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If you want to make your wedding photo booth snapshots more memorable for you and your guests, you must liven it up with some fun props. They’re an excellent way to highlight your wedding day theme or include some of your favourites. Whether you want to highlight your beloved movie or imitate the feel of a foreign place, photo booth props will help you achieve that.

Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Confetti Spread: The fastest way to make a photo booth even more fun is with confetti. Be sure to spread colourful confetti everywhere or at the entrance points of your wedding reception.
  2. Everything Golden: While photo booth classics like speech bubbles, bow ties and glasses perched right on your face make it fun, there are still ways to make it even better. Covering these photo booth mainstays in gold glitter and corralled in golden mugs gives you a golden theme and better fun.
  3. Masquerade: You should transform your photo booth into an exciting theme, such as a masquerade. You can provide partial masks sourced from different areas, but our favourites would have to be the ones that only cover half-part of the face. 
  4. Rose Kisses: Flower crowns are also a mainstay in most photo booths, but you can make it even better with giant peonies. Put some sets in your photo booth and watch your guests have fun with them.
  5. Fake Blooms: If you’re unsure about using floral props since they tend to wilt or fall apart easily, you can use counterfeit blooms instead. These fake flowers can be spray painted and turned into crowns, garlands or bouquets. However, if your wedding isn’t floral-themed, you can explore other elements and styles you can incorporate into the event to make a cohesive look overall.
  6. Telephones: Remember that time when phones had cords? Relive that time by incorporating handsets into your wedding photo booth and make it even better by turning them fluorescent.
  7. Urban Art: You can use urban art as your inspiration, such as the Statue of Liberty’s crown, apple and pigeons to depict a New York City motif. You can put them onto foam cores and cut with a knife, then use a plain white wall for the backdrop. The resulting snapshots would look like modern postcards. Moreover, you can paint any urban art, such as palm trees or animals native to your locality.
  8. Balloons: Balloons with weights at the bottom are an incredible interactive prop. Plus, you can write anything on them, such as sweet messages about love, fitting for a wedding!
  9. Gram-Worthy: You can plan a posh party with numerous impressive floral installations, such as a rose-accented hedge wall. You can also create elements that feature the couple’s hashtag, fashioned into a sparkly photo booth prop, as well as gold-framed shades marked with that hashtag on the lenses.


You can create and add anything to your wedding photo booth. Just make sure that they all add up and adhere to the theme of your wedding! Get creative with icons, themes and words, all in good fun. 

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