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Getting ready to throw your kid a party? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a look at these clever tips for throwing a memorable party.

If you’re asking how you can throw a memorable birthday party, here are some ideas to explore:

1. Face Stamping

Everyone loves to be made up. At a birthday party, you can offer a face stamping station, where your guests can have a variety of faces stamped on their faces. This can be offered by a face painting professional or a DIY project.

2. Make Your Own Cake

For a memorable birthday party theme, make your own cake. This way, you can use the cake as a decoration, and it will be easy to eat and serve.

3. Photo Booth

A photo booth at a birthday party is a great way to get everyone in the picture. Whether you use an actual photo booth or a DIY project, the photo booth is a great way to get photos of your guests.

4. Party Favors

Party favors are an easy way to make any party memorable. You can have a variety of favors to give to your guests, depending on your budget.

5. DIY Candy Bar

Instead of a traditional candy bar, set up a candy bar where kids can make their own candy bar to take home. This is a fantastic idea for a party for older kids, but you can make it work for younger kids as well.

6. Dress Up Station

Set up a dress-up station in your home. This gives kids a chance to act out the party’s theme with some fun props. They’ll get to dress up as their favorite character or as they really want to be.

7. Make Your Own Tattoos

Make simple temporary tattoos. Get a heart on one arm and a face on the other. Let the kids decorate their tattoos, and they’ll have a fun souvenir from their special day.

8. Pinata

Kids love pinatas. Instead of buying a pinata, you can create your own. If you’re crafty, you can make your own pinata. If you’re not crafty, you can get a pinata kit.

9. Name Tags

Instead of a traditional name tag, have kids write their names on a balloon with markers. This is a fun way to get them ready for the party, and the balloons are easy to attach to the back of the chairs.

10. Cookie Stamping

Kids love cookies, and they love to decorate them. Set up a cookie stamping station where kids can press designs into the cookies.

11. Make Your Own Hats

Have the kids make their own hats for a unique birthday party idea. Use construction paper and glue to let them make their own hats.

12. Face Painting

Face painting is an easy way to get everyone involved when considering fantastic birthday party ideas. Let each child choose a design that inspires them, and then paint their face.


Remember to keep your theme in mind when putting together your special day. If you’re having a princess party, try to stick to ideas that will really inspire your princess and make it memorable. To find the best games for your kids’ party, check out our vast game library and get inspired for an unforgettable party.

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