Tips to Getting Emotional Images at the Wedding Photo Booth

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Wedding photo booths are a lovely inclusion when you’re trying to capture several stills of yourself and your loved ones. Whether you’re the bride, the bridesmaid or just a regular guest at the reception, it’s always quite fun to take these photos and eventually look back at them with fondness and a hint of nostalgia.

Most people associate images taken at the photobooth as plain wacky, but there’s potential to capture raw thoughts and feelings on a photo print. If you want to capture an emotional photograph at the wedding photo booth, here are just a few tips on how to do so:

1) Invite Your Favourite People

Bliss, excitement and pure love is something that people feel because of others. Just observe the looks that the wedded couple gives to one another. Knowing glances and reassuring smiles come forth when you see or think of another person.

Those emotions show even more when you’re with those people. Be sure to invite those special people to take a photo with you at the photo booth for a wedding keepsake. Whatever you feel for them should definitely show in the images.

2) Have Significant Props Ready

One of the most fun things about a photo booth is the opportunity to pose with different props. It can be quite quirky to pose with all sorts of cool hats, glasses and cut-outs, but you can stand to throw in a couple of other props in the mix.

If there are other couples attending the wedding, drop in a veil, a faux bouquet and a bowtie at the props section to stir a couple of emotions. Plus, if someone’s planning to propose there as well, what better time to do it than in front of the camera?

3) Note the Booth’s Background

Setting and composition will always matter when it comes to the final photo. Ask the photo booth attendant for a more dynamic background that can help bring back memories. It could be a significant place where everyone gathered or the place where many of you and your friend groups met, just to look back and confirm how far you’ve all come.

4) Take Your Time Rather than Rushing

Although most people are looking to take a quick pic and to get away as soon as possible, it’s best to take your time. Be patient if there’s a line, as there’s no rush to go right away. You might just end up looking annoyed in the photo print that you’ll get, so just wait and clear your head to show emotion once it’s your turn with the photo booth.

5) Allow Natural Emotions to Unfold

So many people just end up directing people to pose in a certain way or make an expression for the camera. Although it can look great for one print, try to get another that’s just unscripted and authentic. Allow those natural emotions to show through rather than forcing yourself or other people to smile; you’d be surprised at the difference in genuineness.


Wedding photo booths can bring forth plenty of cheers and laughs, but it’s also a great opportunity to capture raw emotion as well. Take advantage of that and visit the booth to capture as many moments as possible with the ones you love.

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