Why You Need to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

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Over the past few years, many weddings have featured photo booths where guests can have fun with props, and images are printed for the guest of honour and their families. The practice has become more popular as time goes on and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Setting aside jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak, what makes a photo booth a wedding must-have? What kind of benefits does it bring to such a momentous event? 

Read on to learn more about why you need to have a photo booth at your wedding:

You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding Because of Your Guest Book

A major reason for a photo booth to be present at a wedding is the guest book! The moment you get back from your honeymoon after all the wedding festivities have gone by, you will be able to look through the photo booth guest book and relive the highlights. 

When asked to write a message, guests will likely struggle to find the words. However, when they’re given a photo and asked for a caption, your family and friends will certainly be able to share something from the heart! It allows them to contribute a special wedding gift that can be a timeless treasure.

Photo Booths Are a Lot of Fun

When hiring entertainment for your wedding, remember that all forms of entertainment will be fun—and a photo booth is no different! It will bring you more value for your money and you’ll hear the laughter of your wedding guests echo through the room as they step inside to get their photos taken.

One of the best parts of the photo booth is that it’s a group activity, not a singular one. Large groups tend to visit the photo booth together. The moment the props for a snap are evident, even camera-shy people will suddenly perk up and join in on the fun while taking photos.

Photo Booths Are Excellent for Keeping Memories

Aside from creating photos for your guest book, guests that go through your wedding photo booth will also be given a copy of their photos! Sometimes it’s in strip form. Other times it’s a collage of sorts in a single frame. A digital copy can also get sent to their email!

Thanks to photos taken at the photo booth, your wedding day will live on in hearts and minds for quite some time.

The Wedding Photographer Likely Won’t Capture Everyone

Wedding photographers are incredibly talented, but they’re bound to miss a person or three. In some cases, people just do not like getting photographed. Other people may just miss the photographer when they come to a certain table or whatnot. Having a photo booth ensures that there will be at least one snap of guests and their attendance during your special day.


Photo booths are great for big events! There are a number of reasons why photo booths are a need for weddings. The top ones include the wedding photographer not being able to get everyone and simply because photo booths are a lot of fun!

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